DNS Server

What Is A DNS Server And Why It Is Essential?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates domain names into IP (Internet Protocol) address. Domain names are easy to remember and to type. They explain more about what you offer in your store. However, there must be an IP address for desktops to access your site. They access websites based on the IP address. The DNS plays a crucial role in matching the query with IP address depending on location. Although domain names are different, they can use one IP address.  However, domains from a different location cannot use the same IP address. With this, it becomes easier to access a site. Let’s view the importance of DNS server:

DNS server helps in giving IP address for domain names

Making it easier for customers to find your website is crucial as you can drive traffic. A domain name is not all you need to have a successful business. You need to look for ways to reach more customers. In this essence, you can use a DNS that will provide you with an IP address. With this, you will give customers an opportunity to browse your site using their computers and laptops.

Customers will not require memorizing the IP address

The IP address can be difficult to remember which can be difficult for customers to find your site. However, with a DNS, it will be easier to convert domains or subdomain names to IP address. Because customers can easily remember your domain name, accessing your site will be easy.

DNS server enhances security on your site

Security is a crucial element as you will not encounter losses. There are those DNS servers that come with a design that will offer security to your site. It provides security updates to prevent hackers from attacking your site. With this, you will avoid losing essential business data.

The DNS servers offer a fast internet connection

Having a site that loads at a higher speed is crucial as you will drive traffic. Many customers will press on the exit button when they land on your site and find that it has a slow speed. However, with a DNS server, your site will load fast and enhance customers’ experience. With this, they can become repeat customers and increase your sales.

Wrapping up

The Internet is the key to every successful business. It offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to run their businesses successful. However, the internet does not work alone. It is the DNS server that helps people to browse the internet. In this essence, without this server, the internet cannot exist.

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