What you need to know before launching your website

Thinking of launching your website? Even if you aren’t planning to, now is the time to start thinking about it. After all, the world is going digital. To target customers, you must have an online presence. And launching your website is the first step in doing so.

If you are a newbie, the chances are you are feeling clueless about the process. Here are some basic things you should know before you launch your website.

How DNS works

The first term you will come across is DNS server. What is DNS server?  DNS (Domain Name System) can be viewed as the internet’s version of a phone book. In a DNS server, all domain names are stored in the form of IP addresses. It is via the DNS server that when you type a given website in your search engine that you are directed to the correct website.

How does web hosting work?

Before you search for domain name ideas and worry about things like domain name registration, you must first find a quality cloud hosting service. A web hosting service provider delivers a platform to you upon which your website is based. It is only after you get a web hosting that users can access your website via your domain name.

You must choose a web hosting service very carefully. Some of the Canadian cloud web hosting best companies deliver excellent packages. Don’t try to find a free web hosting. Instead, opt for a reasonable package. Why so? This is because cheap web hosting doesn’t offer the features required for smooth user experience. You can select from the various USA web hosting service providers available. Just make sure they are worth it.

What do you need to know about domains?

Domain names matter. This is why you must find the best domain name using a domains name generator or create one on your own and see if it is available for purchase via Domain Whois. Domains are important because they are the tool used by users to visit your website. The prices domains will differ according to the types of domain names. For instance, a gTLD name might be costlier than Top level domains (TLD). What is gTLD name? It refers to domains extensions like .com and .org. If you are opting for premium domains, make sure they are worth it.


Now that you know the basics research about the technical aspects and create your website.

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